I am a designer/maker working mainly as a sculptor. My source of inspiration is the natural world with particular reference to plants and the landscape. I love the rolling curves of the South Downs of my native Sussex, with their windswept, leaning trees and clear reflected light from the sea. I am also inspired by dense woodland as well as the more minute details of plants, ferns and mosses My studio consists of two buildings within my garden, one for drawing, printmaking and teaching and the other for the more messy work with clay, plaster and cement.

I make medium to large sized, stylised forms derived from botanical details. Many of these are cast as limited editions in reinforced cement for outdoor installation. Cement is a wonderfully durable material which resists frost and rain to become stronger with age. Eventually the surface is colonised by minute algae, lichens and mosses which add to the patina and blends the work into the surroundings.

I have work in collections in France and the USA, and have Public Works on display at the University of Surrey, in Guildford Castle Grounds and at Farnham Road Hospital, Guildford.